Cells at Work: Code Black Looks Impressively Dark

Cells at Work made its anime debut some time ago, and fans flocked to the unique series because of [...]

Cells at Work made its anime debut some time ago, and fans flocked to the unique series because of its adorable characters. Despite the show's medical nature, even squeamish fans were enticed by its super-cut platelets and red blood cells. Of course, that means all eyes are on Cell at Work: Code Black, but there is a catch...

Just so you know, this spin-off series is nothing like the one you know. Code Black is a gritty look into a body under attack, and its first trailer is warning fans about its dark outlook.

cells at work
(Photo: Liden Films)

You can check out the full English trailer for Code Black above but be warned! This is not a cutesy look into the body. This take on Cells at Work is dark in just about every way you thought the original series would explore. There is blood, death, monsters, and danger behind every blood vessel. And if you aren't careful, you might not make it through this show's troubled body alive.

For fans of Cells at Work, this tonal shift is an intriguing one, but it does not suit everyone. A slew of netizens admits they aren't up to watching this spin-off because of its darker content. It is one thing to learn about anatomy and physiology through anime, but it is another to watch a body come under attack. But if you can tolerate this show's very real drama, you might leave with some better habits in mind that will keep you healthy IRL.

If you are still wanting to check out Code Black, the show will be here before long. The spin-off will begin airing in January 2021. The first season of the original series debut in July 2018, and its second season will also debut in January 2021. So if you find you cannot swallow the spin-off, you can fall back to the original series as back up.

Will you be tuning into this darker spin-off? Or does its squishy trailer have you feeling queasy? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.