Chainsaw Man: Crunchyroll Addresses Dub Controversy Following One Star's Exit

Chainsaw Man has made a name for itself as one of anime's biggest titles, and season one showed why Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga is so popular. The story is as thoughtful as it is violent, and there is more nuance laid within its plot than expected. Of course, season one popped off last year with some wild animation, but it did spark a few controversies during its run. And now, it seems one debate has heated up enough to warrant a direct address from the team at Crunchyroll.

The ordeal came to light on Twitter after Chainsaw Man fans learned one of its own was being attacked. Guilherme Briggs, one of Brazil's most prolific voice actors, found himself inundated with online harassment this past week because of the anime. The coordinated attack was made as a group of Brazilian fans wanted to make it clear they disapproved of a specific Chainsaw Man scene. The controversial clip stars the Future Devil which Briggs plays, and after fielding bullying on social media, the actor said they planned to leave the anime entirely before locking their Twitter profile.

"I'm going to ask to leave the dub of this anime. I don't want to be in it anymore. It's over," Briggs wrote. The upsetting ordeal caught the attention of fans worldwide, and it did not take long for Crunchyroll to address the Chainsaw Man controversy with a stern rebuttal.

"There is no room for cyberbullying within the anime community. Crunchyroll fully supports actor Guilherme Briggs and condemns the attacks directed at him and his fantastic work dubbing," the site shared.

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"We would like to thank the fans who have expressed support for Briggs as well as the voice team for their work and professionalism. It is their work that powers the industry today, and the Crunchyroll community stands with them."

As you can see, Crunchyroll is standing by Briggs and the work they did as the Future Devil. There is no condoning all the pushback set against Briggs just because of one particular scene. The moment wasn't decided by the actor to begin with as they worked with the material given. After all, the core issue fans have with the scene in question comes down to translation. Briggs has no oversight on Chainsaw Man scripts, and from what fans have seen, the veteran voice actor crushed all the lines they were given. And thanks to a vocal minority, it seems Briggs will be stepping away from the anime entirely. 

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