Chainsaw Man Editor Reveals A Major Update For Part Two

Chainsaw Man is one of those series fans never saw coming but are entirely thankful it found them. Creator Tatsuki Fujimoto couldn't have seen how popular the story would become, but Chainsaw Man is now one of the industry's most beloved titles these days. This means all eyes are on its future as Fujimoto promised the manga is not over just yet, and we have finally gotten an update on how part two is going behind the scenes.  

The report comes straight from Twitter courtesy of Shihei Lin, the editor behind Jump Plus. They took to social media to share news with fans about Fujimoto's recent one-shot, and it was there Lin ended up spilling an update on Chainsaw Man part two.

According to Lin, Fujimoto is is currently working on part two of the manga. He has no release window to share at this time, but the editor is confident Fujimoto is working his hardest on Chainsaw Man. So if readers could wait just a bit longer, the editor and the manga creator would be obliged.

This is the first concrete update fans have gotten on Chainsaw Man's manga since the series wrapped its first part a while back. When the manga ended, Fujimoto did confirm a part two would be released, but nothing else has been said about the comeback since December 2020.

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Now, it looks like Fujimoto is focusing their time on Chainsaw Man, and this news couldn't make fans any happier if it tried. The debut of part two will only continue to elevate Chainsaw Man which has over 12 million copies in circulation globally these days. And with its anime slated for a late 2022 drop, there is no telling how much further Chainsaw Man will go!

How do you feel about this latest Chainsaw Man update? What do you want to see from the manga's comeback? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.