Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Drops the Series' Best Kiss

Chainsaw Man is back after a short break, and the manga did not play with its return. After all, today marks the release of chapter 119, and it finds Denji on yet another date. However, things get out of hand when Asa visits his home, and the whole thing wraps with the manga's best kiss yet.

And yes, it is Denji on the receiving end. The guy doesn't even see the kiss coming, but it seems to go well enough. We all know he's had worse.

The update comes around at the end of chapter 119 as Denji and Asa watch TV together. The pair chat a little, and their talk ends on a tense note as Asa tells Denji to not like her unless he wants to die. By the time he finds a response, Asa has switched bodies with Yoru, and the possessed girl lays a firm kiss on the hero.

The pair lock lips for a hot minute though things stay very PG. Before long, Yoru is seen putting a hand on Denji as if they were going to transform the man, but they are cut short. After all, Denji did say his roommate-slash-sister was on her way home, and we all know Nayuta wasn't going to take this kiss kindly.

As expected, the girl squared up to Yoru on sight, and we know there is bad blood between the two given their horseman status. It seems like Denji is just caught in the middle once more, but this time, it seems he knows he is being used. Asa was able to give the guy just enough warning before Yoru laid a kiss on the half-devil. So now, the question remains will Yoru have better control over Denji now that they've kissed. 

Did this cliffhanger catch you by surprise? Where should Denji and Asa go from here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.