Creed 3 Star Michael B. Jordan Isn't Against Directing a Dragon Ball Movie

Michael B. Jordan has always worn his love of anime on his sleeve, with the prolific actor even going so far as to help in starting his own line of clothing that was modeled after the Hidden Leaf Village from Naruto. With the arrival of the third film of the Creed franchise, the spin-off that follows the son of Apollo Creed from the Rocky series, Jordan has been making the rounds to both promote the film and talk all things anime. Now, in a recent interview, Jordan talks about the possibility of creating a new live-action Dragon Ball Z movie.

Most anime fans know that Dragon Ball had a live-action adaptation in the past, with the now infamous feature-length film, Dragon Ball Evolution, becoming legendary in the anime community as many fans believed it was far from a worthy adaptation of the Shonen series. While the subject of live-action anime adaptations remains a point of contention in the fan community, there are still several projects in the work that are hoping to "break the curse" including Netflix's upcoming One Piece series and Sony Pictures' One-Punch Man movie that is currently in development to name a few.

Can a Live-Action Dragon Ball Z Work?

In talking with the outlet Nerdist, Jordan was asked directly if he would be willing to direct a live-action Dragon Ball Z movie, with the actor who plays Adonis Creed mentioning how he would see this project as the "ultimate challenge" while also stating that it would be a catch-22 and doesn't have an answer as to whether it would be possible:

In talking about the anime influences that helped in creating Creed 3, Jordan has mentioned that not only is Dragon Ball Z a big influence on the boxing movie, but also the likes of Naruto and Hajime no Ippo assisted him as both actor and director when it came to mapping out the fights. While clearly having anime aesthetics in its fight scenes, the third movie of the Creed franchise has other themes from the anime medium that come into play as well. 

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