Crunchyroll Reveals Most Watched Anime On Every Game Console

At the end of every year we're treated to a veritable torrent of 'best ofs,' 'looking backs,' and [...]

At the end of every year we're treated to a veritable torrent of "best ofs," "looking backs," and top trends based on all kinds of data. Usually these make for easy headlines, but less-than-interesting reading. This particular analysis caught my attention, though, and I found it rather fascinating. Crunchyroll has compiled a list of the most popular anime series streamed by users of every major video game console.

What we're interested in here is the number one most streamed anime on each console. It might be fun to take a few guesses with your friends and see how close you get. When you're ready, here are the results:

  • Xbox One - Dragon Ball Super
  • PlayStation 4 - Persona5 the Animation - The Day Breakers
  • Wii U - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
  • PS Vita - Brave Beats
  • PlayStation 3 - Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
  • Xbox 360 - Fairy Tail
  • Wii - Dream Festival!

I swear I could have predicted that the Xbox One clan would be watching Dragon Ball Super the most. Don't ask me why, I just had a feeling. That's not a dig at Xbox gamers at all, by the way. I love me some Dragon Ball. As for the rest, you'll see from the infographics below that Wii U owners have by far the best taste in anime. That's the only list where JoJo's Bizarre Adventure shows up at all!

(Photo: Toei Animation )

I have to be honest: I expected more risque anime choices on from PS Vita owners. A smaller screen, portability, privacy... I thought things would get a lot weirder than they did, so kudos to you guys for keeping it (somewhat) classy. Do these results surprise you? Did any of your predictions pan out? Chime in on Facebook and let us know what you thought, or what you've been watching the most!

This article first appeared on WWG.