'Dragon Ball Super' Finally Showed The New Namekians Of Universe 6

Dragon Ball Super fans are already halfway through the Tournament of Power, however, not all the [...]

Dragon Ball Super fans are already halfway through the Tournament of Power, however, not all the fighters have been revealed just yet. Well, that was until episode 109-110 of Dragon Ball Super, where the one-hour special showcased several fighters fans were yet to see. Two of those fighters were from Universe 6, with the Namekians in Saoneru and Pirina were shown for the first time.

However, their introduction was brief, with them only being seen for a matter of seconds as Jiren from Universe 11 was fighting Goku from Universe 7. Behind Goku's fight with Jiren and the Saiyans new transformation, there has been a great deal of speculation surrounding these two fighters. For the moment fans don't know if these fighters are evil or not, with experts assuming that they are not good Namekians, as the Universe 7 ones are.

Universe 6 Namekians
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Why is this? Well, because they were left out of the previous tournament between Universe's 6 and 7. In this tournament, only good fighters were allowed to participate, with Champa being embarrassed when Frost's true nature was revealed. In this current tournament where eight universes are fighting for their survival, fans have seen many evil characters participate.

In addition, fans should expect that these Universe Namekians possess the same powers as Universe 7's do. That means that they should be able to use the Super Namekian transformation that Piccolo, Lord Slug and Guru used in the past. If these two fighters are truly evil then it is also possible that they have forcefully absorbed many other Namekians, which would make them incredibly powerful.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

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