'Dragon Ball Super' Just Had [SPOILER] Challenge Jiren

The fight between Goku and Jiren has ended, with Dragon Ball Super fans watching as Goku was [...]

The fight between Goku and Jiren has ended, with Dragon Ball Super fans watching as Goku was defeated. Jiren is easily the strongest fighter Goku has ever faced, with all of his transformations and techniques, which include his new Mastery of Self Movement and the Spirit Bomb failing. Goku needs to recover, as he is still in the Tournament of Power. It is likely that Jiren would have knocked Goku out but Goku was lucky as another fighter has stepped in.

Now Hit from Universe 6 will take on the Universe 11 Pride Trooper, as he should be a little tired after fighting Goku. Hit knows that he needs to beat Jiren now or at least wait until Goku has healed, otherwise Universe 11 will be victorious. In the battle royal, all the losers of the tournament, including the losers universes will be erased, which means winning is crucial.

Hit is currently Universe 6's trump card, as he clearly is stronger than anyone else within that universe. Hit's ability to adapt and improve mid-fight is incredibly dangerous, as is his Time Skip technique. That means if Jiren is to toy with Hit then the Universe 6 fighter will continue to improve until he eventually matches Jiren in power. This will be a truly epic battle with it literally being said to be out of this world.

Hit won't go down easy and Jiren is an incredible fighter. Hit will adapt and grow stronger as the fight continues but will there be enough time to reduce the gap in power to nothing? It will be tough to say and Dragon Ball Super fans can't wait to see it all unfold.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

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