Death Note Cosplay Soars With Winged Ryuk

The Shinigami Ryuk is a fan-favorite character from Death Note, and this cosplay nails the winged figure.

Death Note's story has helped to make the franchise a major player in the worlds of anime and manga, even though Light Yagami's story ended quite a few years in the past. While the murderous Kira receiving a notebook that could kill almost any target was an interesting enough hook, the inclusion of the Shinigami Ryuk hovering around Light added quite a layer to the series. With Ryuk hitting the world of live-action a few times in the past, one cosplayer has brought the Soul Reaper to life once again.

As fans of Death Note know, Ryuk had Light discover the supernatural notebook simply due to the fact that the Shinigami was bored, as the story showed fans just how dull the afterlife was for the Soul Reapers in this universe. While Ryuk did find Light amusing, Yagami's ultimate demise in the series was assured as the Shinigami felt no need to attempt to rescue him. Following Light's death, the series did receive a surprising sequel story that saw Ryuk once again allowing a human to find the Death Note, though new character Minoru Tanaka was far different from "Kira". Minoru wasn't attempting to murder evil-doers but rather, was trying to enhance his bank account by selling the book.

Death Note: Ryuk Returns

As mentioned earlier, Ryuk has been brought to the world of live-action before, though the two main instances saw the Shinigami portrayed using voice actors and CG animation to float him to the adaptations. In Netflix's 2017 feature-length film, Ryuk was voiced by none other than Willem Dafoe, most well-known for his countless roles in Hollywood. While the streaming service's movie wasn't the biggest hit amongst fans f the series, Dafoe's portrayal of Ryuk was one of the shining decisions in adapting Death Note.

A Death Note Musical is surprisingly set to arrive in London later this month, and Netflix is once again aiming to revisit the beloved anime franchise. Announced last year, the creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers, are aiming to create a live-action television series that will once again shine a spotlight on Light and Ryuk. Unfortunately, no release date has been revealed on this upcoming adaptation.

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