Demon Slayer Cosplay Paints Shinobu in Her Favorite Pastels

Demon Slayer has plenty of powerhouses under its belt, but few handle their strength as gracefully as Shinobu Kocho. The Insect Hashira left an impression on fans during season one, and their journey will continue when Demon Slayer returns. Now, one cosplayer is bringing the Hashira's delicate style to life, and the pastel shoot is one of the best to honor the slayer.

Over on Instagram, the user jackycosplay got the fandom buzzing when they shared their tribute to Shinobu Kocho. After all, the Insect Hashira is one of the top fighters in Demon Slayer, and her gentle looks are undercut by her vicious spirit. But as you can see below, Jacky Cosplay leans into the woman's pastel aesthetic in this shoot.

Shinobu is brought to life against a flowering bush littered with purple buds. Of course, the Hashira is donning her usual haori which mimics a pair of butterfly wings. The design is fitting given Shinobu's love of insects, and this photo brings the Hashira face to face with dozens of the critters.

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Clearly, Jacky Cosplay put some serious effort into this Demon Slayer look, and its pastel palate is to die for. Shinobu's beauty is impossible to ignore in the anime, so it makes sense for the same to track in real life. But even with her soft look, Shinobu is more than capable of handling herself so long as her nichirin sword is in hand. 

What do you think about this cosplayer's gorgeous take on Shinobu? Where does this Demon Slayer heroine rank on your list of favorites from the anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.