Demon Slayer Releases New Trailer For Season Three: Watch

Demon Slayer has seen Tanjiro and his fellow monster hunters fighting against some nefarious supernatural threats over the years, with season two seeing them fight the likes of top-tier demons such as Gyutaro, Daki, and Akaza. While these fights nearly resulted in the death of the Demon Slayer Corps members, there are far stronger threats that are waiting in the shadows, as we'll see in the upcoming third season. Now, Ufotable's biggest anime adaptation has released a new trailer hinting at the powerful monsters that are set to make their animated debut later this year.

Following the events of the Entertainment District Arc, Tanjiro and company lost two big allies with Rengoku dying as a result of the Mugen Train storyline and Tengen Uzui being injured to the point where he is debating whether he should retire from the demon hunting game. With the Hashira losing both the Sound and Flame Hashiras in rapid succession, it seems that the star of the anime adaptation is going to have to shoulder more responsibility as he continues his journey to defeat Muzan and find a way to restore his sister Nezuko's humanity. With the third season hyping the arrival of the Swordsmith Village Arc, expect some major events to take place in the upcoming installments from Ufotable. 

Demon Slayer's Third Season Trailer

Aniplex shared the new trailer earlier today which not only takes the opportunity to show off the villains of the past, but hint at the nefarious demons of the future that Tanjiro and his fellow Demon Slayer Corps members will surely have to battle with in hopes of eliminating the supernatural scourge:

Demon Slayer's third season will begin this April, though fans will have the opportunity to catch the upcoming season's premiere a little bit earlier as a theatrical run of the last two episodes of season two and the new installments will begin on March 3rd of this year. The Shonen series from creator Koyoharo Gotoge has grown so quickly in popularity that it even gives One Piece a run for its money when it comes to manga sales, which is no small feat considering the head start that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates have over the Demon Slayer Corps.

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