Demon Slayer Season 3 May Have Japan's Top Band Do Its Theme Song

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is slated to drop its new season this year, and of course, fans are eager to see what the show has in store. Season three will kick off the Swordsmith Village arc, and this means two Hashira will take center stage with Tanjiro's group. With so much to cover, season three is expected to be one of this year's big anime events, so it will need to have a bomb theme song. And if a new report is right, then one of Japan's top bands will be taking care of the song.

As for the message, it comes from Yahoo! Japan as the site recently reported on season three. It was there the site broke down all the info we have on Demon Slayer's comeback, but of course, information about its theme song has been sparse. However, that all changed as Yahoo states One OK Rock has been asked to do the theme song.

The article states a record executive familiar with One OK Rock has been offered the chance to do the Demon Slayer theme song. Following the global success of LiSA's "Gurenge", the executive told Yahoo that One OK Rock's worldwide popularity will take Demon Slayer to even bigger heights.

After all, LiSA is very popular in Japan, and the singer behind season two's theme song, Aimer, is just the same. However, One OK Rock has become a global powerhouse in the rock genre following the release of its latest English album. Songs like "Renegade" charted very well across the United States, so it makes sense for Demon Slayer to eye the group. One OK Rock's sound fits the anime, and its popularity compliments the anime's own success. But for now, Yahoo admits this report is just that – a rumor.

When asked about the band's involvement, Yahoo says Fuji Television did not provide a comment. The lack of response stoked its belief in the rumor, but again, nothing official has been said about the anime's next theme song. But if One OK Rock does perform the track, well – don't be too surprised!

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