Devil May Cry Anime Gets Big Update From Producer Adi Shankar

One of the biggest properties from the video game producers at Capcom is Devil May Cry, the happy-go-lucky story of demon hunter Dante which first began on the Playstation 2 and has continued to add new titles to subsequent video game consoles over the years. While the Capcom franchise has received an anime in the past with a twelve-episode series by Madhouse in 2007, the world of Dante is set to return via the streaming service of Netflix, as producer Adi Shankar has shared a major update on the progression of this upcoming animated adaptation.

The latest game in the series arrived via Devil May Cry 5, bringing together classic characters from the series such as Dante, Vergil, and Nero to create one of the most beloved entries in the franchise. With Adi Shankar at the helm as a producer, many fans have been excited to hear anything about the series, with Shankar helping to bring to life one of Netflix's biggest anime series, Castlevania, which of course is another major video game adaptation. Shankar is also currently working on Far Cry and PUBG animated projects proving that he has seemed to find his niche when it comes to animating the worlds of video games across the board.

In a recent interview with the outlet Tech Raptor, Adi Shankar gave a major update on Devil May Cry, stating how far along the creative team is in the process of bringing the series to life:

"All the season one scripts are done. I collaborated with a very talented writer named Alex Larson on the scripts. The scripts are rad and I wanted to execute them in a manner that would make my fellow DMC fans proud. Again, this was developed by a DMC fan for DMC fans, that was the ethos of this project. Production should start at the beginning of next year."

On top of this, Shankar shared his passion regarding the project by stating that he "didn't need to make another show just for the sake of making another show. I'm only doing this because I care and I want to deliver something of a very high standard that tops what I did before." 

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Via Tech Raptor