Digimon Adventure Debuts Devimon's Mega Evolution

Digimon Adventure has introduced a new Mega evolution for Devimon in the newest episode! The new series has reached the climactic final battle of its first major arc as Tai, Matt, and Takeru are trying everything they can in order to defeat Devimon. But things weren't quite going as planned as Devimon has been making himself stronger with data stolen from the real world. Although they had managed to defeat Devimon's surprising Ultimate evolution, the cliffhanger for the previous episode teased that Devimon was going to be evolving once more and taking the battle to a new level.

This was indeed the case with Episode 24 of the series which introduced Devimon's Mega evolution, a wild and dangerous new Digimon named DoneDevimon. Unlike the NeoDevimon evolution we had seen the dark Digimon transform into before, however, this evolution was violent and stopped at nothing to deal savage attacks on both MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon.

DoneDevimon is the next Mega level threat following surprising attacks from two Mega level Digimon in the series prior. Although Tai and Matt had faced off against Mega evolutions before, DoneDevimon was a much tougher fight as they did not have enough power to draw out Omnimon much like they were able to do in the first two Mega level fights.

Digimon Adventure Devimon Mega Evolution DoneDevimon Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Not only was this a brand new form created for the new Digimon Adventure series, but it's an example of the kinds of forced evolutions that can happen. Because Devimon was defeated, Tokomon revealed that DoneDevimon's power and body were the only ones that evolved. Devimon's mind is long gone, and thus the resulting Mega evolution was moving on pure instinct. Armed with two giant hands made of miasma, it nearly destroys MetalGreymon and WereGarurumon completely.

The only way to defeat DoneDevimon was by Tai and MetalGreymon pushing into their own dark natures and going berserk thanks to the influence of the miasma. This eventually leads to a Mega level of power from the duo, and was soon enough to defeat DoneDevimon despite his terrible power. Now the series will be venturing into completely new territory full of brand new foes and potential allies for its second arc.


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