Digimon Adventure Debuts a New Form for WereGarurumon

When it was first announced, the reboot of Digimon Adventure had fans worried about the comeback, [...]

When it was first announced, the reboot of Digimon Adventure had fans worried about the comeback, but the ambitious show has changed itself enough to impress even the most diehard fans of the franchise. These days, all eyes are on Taichi, Matt, and Takeru as the three are navigating their way around Devimon's castle. The trio are determined to retrieve an artifact left behind by Angemon, but the task has proved to be more difficult than expected. But thanks to WereGarurumon, all things are fine with the group given his brand-new form.

Just as seen with MetalGreymon in the previous episode, rather than evolve to its Mega level as one might have expected, WereGarurumon ends up with an upgrade to its Ultimate form. When it's being pinned down by DarkKnightmon and Matt and Takeru are in danger of falling into a pit of miasma, WereGarurumon reaches deep into himself and unlocks "Sagittarius Mode."

Like MetalGreymon's upgrade seen in the previous episode, WereGarurumon's Saggitarius mode is entirely unique to this iteration of the anime series. While MetalGreymon's Alterous mode did have a previous inspiration from the video game and digital pet side of the franchise, WereGarurumon's Saggitarius mode seems to be a completely original take on the fan favorite Digimon. This upgrade gives WereGarurumon a number of steel wings popping out of his back.

It's shortly revealed thereafter that these wings contain boosters that allow the Digimon to fly, and WereGarurumon is able to save Matt and Takeru before they plunge into terrible miasma. Not only that, but it makes WereGarurumon's claw attacks a bit stronger. He can also use parts of these wings as makeshift blades, and uses them to fight off the same DarkKnightmon that had been giving him trouble just a few moments before. With these upgrades, who knows how the fight against Devimon will go?

What do you think of WereGarurumon's Saggitarius form? Are you hoping to see the other Digimon get surprising new upgrades like this or do you think it will be limited to Agumon and Gabumon's evolutions? How are you liking the new Digimon Adventure series so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!