Digimon Adventure Debuts New Episode Titles

Digimon Adventure has debuted a new batch of episode titles and descriptions! Digimon Adventure's new series is at the climax of its first major arc as Tai and Matt are currently facing off against a Devimon that was never seen in the original series. But as the fight continues to unfold in increasingly unexpected way, there are even more questions about where the new series can potentially go from here. Luckily we have a clue as new titles and descriptions have been revealed for the next few episodes of the series.

As reported by @Wikimon_news on Twitter, titles and descriptions for Episodes 25 to 27 have been revealed. They tease some major developments coming in the future, so fans looking to go in completely blind might want to proceed with caution as the next three episodes of the series tease the start of the next arc of the series with the titles, "Dive Into the Next Sea," "Break Through the Sea Animal Encirclement," and "To a New Continent."

Episode 25 of the series is titled "Dive Into the Next Sea," and it's described as such, "Cloud Continent, which is in the Digital World, is a floating continent! Taichi and co. are on the back of El Doradimon, who begins falling through the continent's greenery to the sky underneath. El Doradimon, Taichi, and the others have no choice but to land in the sea, which is spread out below them. Meanwhile, in the Real World, Koshiro is trying to stop the large ships from going out of control, which is suddenly happening around the world."

Episode 26 is titled "Break Through the Sea Animal Encirclement" and it's described as such, "Taichi and co., who fell from Cloud Continent, arrive at a new place. As they go through the ocean, they see a wild Seadramon devour a wild Ebidramon, take in its data, and evolve into WaruSeadramon before their very eyes. They are shocked by this dog-eat-dog world, where the strong Digimon prey upon the weak. WaruSeadramon attacks Taichi and co. to try to eat them as well. Meanwhile, in the Real World, Koshiro and the others, who are facing an incident with ships going out of control, begin. a strategy to stop them from going out of control without defeating any of the Zurumon. Taichi's younger sister, Hikari, is keeping an eye on them."


Finally, Episode 27 is titled "To a New Continent," and it's described a such, "Hikari suddenly appears on El Doradimon. Although Taichi is surprised, Hikari doesn't have an explanation and says that she was called by someone. Meanwhile, in the Real World, even though Devimon was defeated, the strange phenomena around the world didn't end, and a new threat had begun. At that moment, a rocket due for launch malfunctions due to a problem with the system, and explodes. A black electrical discharge is generated over the continent. Koshiro deduces that the cause lies in the Digital World, and continues the analysis, but..... !?"

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