Digimon Adventure Reveals WereGarurumon's New Evolution

Digimon Adventure's new series continues a string of episodes introducing each of the DigiDestined's Ultimate evolutions, and the newest one actually took a step back and shared an updated look for WereGarurumon's ultimate evolution sequence. Much like with the debut of MetalGreymon eventually getting a full sequence properly, the same was revealed for WereGarurumon in the newest episode of the reboot series. It's initial debut took place two episodes ago, but was a more wild and raw version of the official sequence that debuted in the newest episode. It will presumably be the only version that we see from now on as the new series continues.

As Matt, Sora, and Joe continued to fly their way across the Dark Continent, they stumble on a giant mechanical CannonBeemon that continues to abduct weaker Beemon to change them into the enemy Waspmon. As the three of them join the fight to save the Beemon from harm, Matt has to dig deep and use his Ultimate Evolution pretty quickly as the Waspmon continue to overwhelm them.

But rather than be the mid-action evolution sequence that we got the first time when WereGarurumon made its debut against Scorpiomon, this time Digimon Adventure makes sure to take the few extra seconds to show off a brand new Ultimate Evolution sequence. Tai and Matt might still be the only ones to get full evolution sequences like this so far, but the new series has impressed with them thus far.

As of this newest episode, four of the Ultimate DigiDestined evolutions have made their debut in the new series with the fifth and six to follow shortly. As the battles continue to advance, these new Digimon will quickly surpass the power held in the original series. It was teased early on that each of these Digimon will eventually reach their Mega forms, so that might be why these Ultimates are showing up so quickly, but it remains to be seen. What do you think?

What did you think of Digimon Adventure's new and improved version of WereGarurumon's Ultimate Evolution sequence? Are you hoping the other Ultimates get extended Digivolution sequences too? What have you thought of all the Ultimate debuts so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!