Dragon Ball Fan Doubles Up with Androids 17 and 18 Cosplay

Dragon Ball has some fashionable characters under its line up, and some of the fandom's cosplayers have taken it upon themselves to upgrade those favorites. Of course, there are few characters in Dragon Ball more stylish than Androids 17 and 18... and the twins know it. The villains-turned-heroes are some of the most cosplayable characters thanks to their styling, so it is no surprise a fan over on Instagram is raking in all the likes for their take on the androids.

The Androids are unique when it comes to the fighters in the Dragon Ball franchise, not simply for their power levels but also thanks in part to being unable to have their energy detected by their fellow fighters. Also, thanks to the enhancements created by Dr. Gero, there power levels never diminish, making them some of the best fighters to have on your side when it comes to long battles. These traits have been particularly handy during the recent Dragon Ball Super arc where the fighters have been battling against Moro, whose specialty of absorbing energy from his opponents is ineffective against the Android siblings!

Instagram Cosplayer Moneecastro shared her interpretation of the two Androids that gave Goku and the other Z Fighters some serious problems when they first appeared during the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z and have continued to be a big part of the franchise:


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