Dragon Ball Art Imagines Goku's Evolved Super Saiyan Form

Back in the day, it seems every Dragon Ball fan was determined to make their own Super Saiyan [...]

Back in the day, it seems every Dragon Ball fan was determined to make their own Super Saiyan form, and that has not changed too much. The series may be in an anime slump barring Super Dragon Ball Heroes, but fans are taking this down time to predict which form will become the next to join Goku's arsenal. And over on Twitter, a user known as CELL-MAN decided to give their best shot at a new Super Saiyan form for the fighter.

As you can see down below, the artist done by CELL-MAN is a hybrid of sorts. The artist says they were inspired to created Evolved Super Saiyan after they began wondering how Goku would look if all of his current SSJ forms combined somehow.

"A conceptual form combining SS, SS2 and SS3 and multiplying their power further to even outmatch SSG. The interesting part is that God ki has nothing to do with it," CELL-MAN explains.

You can see bits and pieces of each form in this evolved state. Obviously, the coloring of Goku here is all from Super Saiyan given his yellow hair and brows. However, the form's longer hair and beefed-out physique could be thanks to the fighter's other SSJ power boosts. When all three of the forms meet, Evolved Super Saiyan turns Goku's irises a gorgeous golden color, and they match eerily well with his hair.

To date, this combined form has never been seen in the series whether it was canon or not. Goku has whipped out some outlandish boosts before in the video games, but this gnarly form shows how much Goku has left to go before he's exhausted his power pool. So if Dragon Ball Super needs a new transformation when it returns, CELL-MAN has got the fighter covered!

What do you think of this form? Does it stand a shot at ever becoming canon or should it? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!