Dragon Ball Sketch Imagines Goku's Most Emotional Reunion

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans can expect plenty of high-octane action and laughs, but they [...]

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans can expect plenty of high-octane action and laughs, but they often don't expect the series to get sad on them. However, the franchise has tricked fans into tears time and again with its heartbreaking stories. From death to resurrection, Dragon Ball has put fans through all sorts of emotional bumps, and one fan just went far enough to imagine the most emotional reunion the anime could have.

And yes, it involves a very sad Goku. If you are able to handle that kind of heartbreak, you can check out the tweet below. And if you are now, well - you might want to grab some tissues.

As you can see, an artist called mattari_illust got fans emotional when they posted a piece of touching artwork. The fan-art sees a fully grown Goku meet up with Grandpa Gohan in heaven, and that is enough to make any diehard fan upset.

Sitting down in his usual orange gi, Goku looks like a kid as he wraps his arms around Grandpa Gohan in this piece. He has his head buried in Grandpa Gohan's shoulder. The older man isn't bothered by the hug or the fact that his grandson has now joined him in heaven. There is little doubt the man knows Goku will head back to Earth, and Gohan wants to take time to be with his loved one.

Of course, Grandpa Gohan looks the same as he did when he passed, and Goku is surely feeling guilt over the man's passing. Still, the pair grew up together and found family within their shared home. Goku went so far as to name his first son after his grandfather, so you know how much this reunion would mean to him. And if the anime were to ever tackle an encounter like that, fans would be left in tears.

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