Dragon Ball Art Gives Goku a Surprising 'Evolution' Makeover

Dragon Ball Evolution is considered the Black Sheep of the Shonen franchise created by Akira [...]

Dragon Ball Evolution is considered the Black Sheep of the Shonen franchise created by Akira Toriyama, with the live-action adaptation being widely maligned by the anime community for failing to capture what drew many fans to the series initially. However, with the film having been released years ago in 2009, one fan artist has imagined what the live-action Goku's aesthetic would look like if it was applied to the anime version of the Saiyan warrior who has continued to train to reach new heights in both the anime and the manga for the latest story in Dragon Ball Super.

The role of Goku in Dragon Ball Evolution was played by Justin Chatwin, who played a very different version of the Son Goku that anime fans love, with the Saiyan attending high school as he began learning about his fighting abilities. Dragon Ball Evolution was so rejected by the fandom, that the writer of the live-action adaptation, Ben Ramsey, actually apologized to fans, taking the blame for the film while also stating that he was simply "chasing a paycheck," in being involved with the project. Ironically enough, Dragon Ball Evolution actually got Akira Toriyama to dive back into the series, looking to make sure that new stories would be created for the Z Fighters that would be separate from this adaptation.

Reddit Artist Bento Draws re-imagined the look made famous by Justin Chatwin, giving anime fans a look at what Son Goku would look like if he were to wear an outfit that was closer to the look of Dragon Ball Evolution than what we've seen him wear in Dragon Ball Super:

Currently, in the manga, Son Goku has mastered the transformation known as Ultra Instinct, attempting to take down the intergalactic bounty hunter Granolah who has a serious ax to grind with the Saiyan race. While the television series for Dragon Ball Super has yet to announce when it will make its grand return, most likely translating the events of the Moro and Granolah Arcs, a new movie will be dropping next year in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

There are no plans for a sequel to Dragon Ball Evolution, but perhaps one day we'll see a new live-action adaptation that once again dives into the world of Akira Toriyama.

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