Dragon Ball: Krillin Takes on Android 18 in Epic New Fan-Anime

Dragon Ball Super is handing off the reins from Goku and Vegeta to Gohan and Piccolo for its latest film, Super Hero, but the two aforementioned Z-Fighters aren't the only ones that will fight against the return of the Red Ribbon Army. Krillin and 18 are set to land a hand with a new fan animation setting up the perfect date for the Shonen couple that first started out as enemies when the creation of Dr. Gero was seeking to put Son Goku in the ground.

Android 18 originally debuted as a part of the Android Saga in Dragon Ball Z, seeking to kill Son Goku and having no qualms about laying waste to anyone that impeded her mission. When Krillin decided to destroy the "self-destruct button" that would put an end to 18 before she could be absorbed by Cell, the flame of their relationship was kindled and they would eventually start an official relationship, eventually having a daughter of their own in Marin. While Krillin and 18's daughter hasn't joined as a fighter within the Z-Fighter roster, both Marin's parents still will take the time to fight evil when necessary.

Twitter Artist Sarul Art shared this training session/date for both Krillin and Android 18, in which the two Z-Fighters are able to prove that despite the fact that they aren't training as much as the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo, they certainly still have some wild strength at their disposal:

Krillin and 18 are set to play a small role in the upcoming Super Hero and while they are nowhere to be found in the latest storyline of the manga, Granolah The Survivor Arc, they did have fights on their hands when it came to the arc that has yet to be adapted to the anime in the Moro Arc. Dragon Ball Super has yet to reveal when, or if, the television series will return though there are plenty of Shonen fans waiting for the Z-Fighters' return to the small screen.

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