Hunter x Hunter Creator Starts Work on Chapter 412, Shares New Updates

Hunter x Hunter's creator is starting on Chapter 412 and moving forward on other chapters!

Hunter x Hunter's creator is working on new chapters, and gave fans an update on his current progress! Hunter x Hunter has been in the midst of a hiatus since it reached its Chapter 400 milestone two years ago, and has steadily been in the works. But while the hiatus has been long thus far, it's been far from the longest hiatus the manga has been on. In fact, the original creator behind it all has been sharing regular updates on social media with fans as he continues to work on the coming chapters bit by bit with a big update coming recently. 

Hunter x Hunter series creator Yoshihiro Togashi has been riling up fans with new updates on social media as fans saw not only new sketches, but sketches from classic works like Yu Yu Hakusho. These shares have also come with a few updates as to the current progress on chapters after 400, and the latest update comes as a major surprise as Togashi has revealed that he's working on Chapter 412, which is two more than the expected ten more chapters. But has also offered updates on other works. 

Hunter x Hunter's Manga Future

The latest update from Hunter x Hunter series creator Yoshihiro Togashi revealed on social media that not only has he started work on Chapter 412, but is also working on a new color page for a future chapter. Meanwhile Chapters 407 and others are in various states of completion as of the time of this publication. With no current release window for the manga's potential return as of this publication, and the creator even previously revealing a potential ending, it seems that the manga is at least moving forward. 

These updates are welcome considering it could be quite a long time before the manga fully returns. Shueisha's editorial department shared the following message when it went on hiatus back in 2022, "Thank you for reading Hunter x Hunter. As for the publication of the manga, Chapter 401, and after, we have discussed with Togashi about his health condition, and as a result, we have decided to publish Hunter x Hunter in a format other than weekly serialization."

The statement then continued with Shueisha noting that they intend to support the creator through the hiatus and beyond, "Togashi-Sensei will continue to write the following chapters, and the editorial department will continue to support him until the completion of the manga. Specific publication dates and methods will be announced in future issues of Weekly Shonen Jump. Thank you for your continued support of Hunter x Hunter."