Dragon Ball Super Cover Art Reveals an Emotional Goku Family Scene

Bardock has been dead even before a young Goku hit the Earth and was adopted by the kindly martial artist named Gohan but that hasn't stopped Dragon Ball from revisiting the father of Goku from time to time. With the latest arc of the series showing us a different side to the Saiyan raider and revealing how he was able to defeat the villain known as Gas, a new Dragon Ball Super volume cover unites the families of Bardock and Goku in a touching scene.          

The latest storyline of Dragon Ball Super revealed that Bardock was able to defeat the strongest member of the Heeters by accessing a power that he hadn't tapped into before, which some Shonen fans argue is somewhat similar to Goku's Ultra Instinct. While not given a specific name, it showed that Goku's father had some serious tricks up his sleeve though it seemed as though this transformation wasn't ultimately enough to stop Frieza from destroying the Planet Vegeta and eradicating the vast majority of the Saiyan race. With the current arc close to coming to an end, it will be interesting to see if we are shown any more of Bardock's life before he perished.

Twitter Outlet DBS Hype shared the cover for the nineteenth volume of Dragon Ball Super, with the likes of Goku, Bardock, Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Gine, Raditz, and a baby Goku all filling the image to show just how far the Son family has come from the days of the Saiyans living on the Planet Vegeta:

Bardock has been a unique character in Dragon Ball lore in that the Saiyan warrior hasn't been brought back from the grave, with many believing that the Granolah Arc might be a springboard for bringing Goku's dear old dad to life. As it stands, the future of the manga is still anyone's guess when it comes to the next challenge that the Z-Fighters will face after their fight with Gas of the Heeters, though there are certainly plenty of avenues for Akira Toriyama and the creative minds behind the series to explore, especially following the events of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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