My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 5 Recap With Spoilers

Here's everything important that went down in My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 5!

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 has reached the halfway point of its run with Adult Swim, and the newest episode of the series has finally introduced Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El! My Adventures with Superman kicked off this newest season of the animated series with some shake ups to the status quo. While Clark and Lois have become an official couple, by the end of the season premiere, it was clear that there was still much for them to talk about. But as the episodes have continued, the two of them have yet to have those much needed conversations. 

This left Clark feeling lonelier than ever before, so the end of the previous episode saw him finally reaching out to his cousin Kara after finding out there was another Kryptonian like him out there somewhere. Without any regard for what kind of person she might be, Clark has felt so isolated enough that he couldn't help but gamble and see if she responded. That's exactly what happens in My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 5, "Most Eligible Superman." Here's everything important that went down. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 Episode 5 Recap 

  • Perry White tasks Lois and Clark with attending Metropolis's Most Eligible Bachelor and Bachelorette contest because Superman is one of the finalists, and he'd definitely attend as the contest is raising money for sick children. Lois and Clark agree (and continue putting off their talk for later), while Cat Grant asks Lois to bring her along because she teases that she also knows Superman's big secret. After the opening credits, Jimmy's still trying to reach out to Clark to apologize for helping to turn the military against him in the previous episode. 
  • After seeing a blonde woman nearly getting hit by a truck, Jimmy saves her. She introduces herself as Kara (and mistakes Jimmy for being the leader of the planet as he introduces himself as a leader at the "Daily Planet), but Jimmy drags her away from the area when he sees Clark nearby. Using his X-ray vision, Clark sees that Jimmy's ignoring his calls while running away with Kara. Meanwhile, Cat tells Lois that Superman's secret is that he's not single and must be dating one of the eligible bachelorette contest (and clearly not realizing that he's dating Lois) so they want to figure out who to figure out his secret identity. To hide him, Lois asks Clark to pretend he's single as Superman. 
  • Meanwhile, Jimmy takes Kara to hide near an ice cream shop and she reveals she doesn't know what ice cream is (which Jimmy suspects is because of strict parenting). She then reveals that she's there looking for a man, a warrior, and the only person in the universe who could understand her, her cousin. At the Most Eligible contest, it's revealed that the other contestants are Hank Henshaw, Chandi Gupta, Silver St. Cloud, Byrna Brilyant, and Superman. Answering questions about his likes and dislikes, he ends up hitting it off with St. Cloud (which Lois dislikes). 
  • But saying he considers himself a normal man is what sets off Hank. He's still angry about what happened at STAR Labs, and through all of this Cat says she's figured out who Superman is dating as Hank walks off. Jimmy takes Kara on a tour of the city and it's clear that he's starting to have a crush on her. Meanwhile, Cat says she thinks Silver and Superman are dating because of the vibe the two of them had. Lois tried to argue that she'd be a great candidate instead, and Cat said Lois is too unimpressive to date someone like Superman because people like them are watching stories happen rather than make the stories themselves. 
  • Spending a moment talking with one another, Kara explains that she came there against her father's wishes. She wanted to see the place all on her own and wanted to explore the unknown. It's through this conversation Jimmy realizes he has to talk to Clark to sort things out and has just been avoiding his problems. Heading to the Most Eligible contest, Kara spots Superman and heads near the stage to greet him. It's here Jimmy realizes that Clark's the one she's been talking about this entire time. 
  • Superman wins the contest, and Silver kisses him on the cheek. Lois sees this and tearfully leaves, and Clark tries to rush after her. Kara runs up to him and says that she's excited to finally meet him, only for Clark to interrupt her in favor of rushing after Lois. Which shocks and angers Kara. When Clark catches up to Lois, she's stressed over the fact that she's dealing with all of this and the job offer from Vicki Vale. She's angry they haven't talked, and Clark tries to tell her the same and it's why he activated the beacon. Lois then tearfully says their relationship isn't working, and that they're not right for each other. 
  • Before Clark gets clarification on whether or not this means they're breaking up, Kara breaks down a nearby door. She tells him that she responded to his beacon hoping to find a warrior, only to be disappointed that he looks like a joke subservient serving to a weaker species. She understands the planet's temptations, but the planet has made Kal-El soft. She gives him two choices. Join her in conquering the planet, or kneel before the "new" Kryptonian Empire. 
  • Donning a black armor, Clark tries to tell her the empire is gone. A second, robotic voice comes from the armor to state the empire is eternal and gives Kara to take down the weakling. Clark doesn't want to fight her, but draws her into the skies above Metropolis to avoid hurting anyone else. As they fight, Kara's armor chips away and she sees frightened humans looking up at her. She's saddened and hesitates, but the voice urges her to comply. It's here that her eyes lose a little color before she activates her heat vision at Clark. Clark defends the people around him with an energy blast fired from his mouth. 
  • After seeing this, the person watching their battle orders Kara to bring Kal-El to him. Kara's black suit has tech that amplifies her abilities, and thus Clark is unable to keep up. Clark tries to tell Kara that she doesn't have to do this, but she says she'd do anything for the empire. Knocking him out cold, she gives a status update to the robotic voice and calls it "Father" before trapping Clark within an energy coffin and flying away with him as Lois and Jimmy shockingly see it all from a nearby helicopter.