Regular Show Will Return With New Series From Original Creator

Mordecai and Rigby are set to return on Cartoon Network as Warner Bros announced a new Regular Show series.

Warner Bros Discovery has revealed some surprising news when it comes to bringing back some of their classic franchises, stating that Adventure Time would be getting not only a new movie, but two new spinoffs. Finn and Jake won't be the only ones returning to Cartoon Network it seems as the studio announced that Regular Show will also be making a comeback. While details are few and far between on the return of Mordecai and Rigby's universe, WB did share some interesting tidbits regarding Regular Show's big comeback.

Regular Show first debuted in 2010 and had a titanic history on Cartoon Network, Garnering eight seasons with nearly two hundred and fifty episodes to its name. Over the course of the animated series, Mordecai and Rigby blended the mundane with mind-bending adventures. Joining the bird and raccoon on many of their adventures were other workers of the park including Benson, Pops, Muscle Man, Hi-Five Ghost, Skips, and a bevy of characters that helped fill out the beloved franchise. Not only would the series receive hundreds of episodes, but it would also receive its own movie, though Regular Show: The Movie didn't hit theaters but was rather released on Cartoon Network itself.

(Photo: Warner Bros)

Regular Show's Sequel

While Warner Bros was tight-lipped regarding what Regular Show's new series would be about, it might be tough for fans of the series to pin down where the series goes from here. In the original series finale, viewers were shown Mordecai and Rigby "growing up" as they would go on to leave the park, start families of their own, and re-unite to have one final "snapshot" with their expanded clans. Luckily, Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel is confirmed to be returning to the new series, meaning the comeback is in good hands.

If you haven't seen the original Regular Show series, all eight seasons are available to stream on Hulu and MAX. Here's how Warner Bros describes the series if you want more reasons to check out the Cartoon Network favorite before its next series arrive, "Mordecai and Rigby have adventures that always seem to be interrupted by zombies and misadventures with their gang of friends."

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