Dragon Ball Artwork Imagines Freeza's Bulky Fifth Form

Dragon Ball fans know how common it is for their favorite heroes to get power boosts. Son Goku has [...]

Dragon Ball fans know how common it is for their favorite heroes to get power boosts. Son Goku has had nearly ten full form changes since the series began, and he is not alone. Everyone from Vegeta to Cell have gotten new forms, but Freeza takes the cake. Now, one fan is imagining what is next form might look like, and fans admit the look is an intimidating one.

Over on Reddit, an artist known as Papillon Studios shared their latest piece of work with fans. The Dragon Ball fan decided to make their version of Freeza's fifth power boost, and the form is definitely bulkier than fans are used to.

As you can see below, the fan-made Dragon Ball form sees Freeza tap into his final form which fans are used to. However, this upgraded version is all sorts of veiny and spiky. Thanks to some additions, Freeza looks like a deadly pin cushion, and that is just to start.

Freiza form by papillonstudios

From the top down, the look gives Freeza a completely different look. His head maintains its usual white-and-purple coloring, but it now have five spikes protruding from it. This armor is seen throughout the form as Freeza is given shoulder blades, forearm gauntlets, a reinforced torso plate, and rather thick thigh plating. In the back, fans can see this form gives Freeza a split tail with two sharp daggers, and the look gets its creepy edge from an eye mask.

After all, one of Cooler's final power boosts left the villain with a mask over his mouth. This fan decided Freeza would have a similar drawback, and his mask takes Freeza's eyes off the table. There is no telling what kind of challenge that would give the villain when he next fights Goku, but fans would be more than happy to watch the match up.

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