Dragon Ball: Goku Cannot Surpass Angels Because of One Thing

Dragon Ball has put Goku against some terrifying villains to date, and he has a new one to contend [...]

Dragon Ball has put Goku against some terrifying villains to date, and he has a new one to contend with right now. Granolah has become the Saiyan's latest opponent as they are facing off on Planet Cereal. As we have seen, Goku and Granolah have hit it off in battle, but there is one thing holding back our hero from his true potential now.

The fan theory goes a little something like this. Goku has worked tirelessly under Whis to better control his use of Ultra Instinct, and he can now pair it with his forms. This feat is most definitely impressive, but he is still not at Whis' level. The angel is leagues ahead of Goku even now, and Dragon Ball fans are sure it is because of his body.

dragon ball whis

In fact, Goku's mortal form is what seems to be hindering him right now. Granolah even comments on that when he tells Goku that his eye can call out his soft spots. "However, a flawless fighter cannot hide his vital points," Granolah stressed.

Of course, Whis must have his own weak points as well. Granolah is gifted in this area because of his left eye, but the point stands. Goku has the body of a Saiyan, but if he wants to surpass his teacher and all the angels, he must find a way to toughen his body. His physique is already pretty durable, but there must be a way to take things to a new level.

For now, it remains to be seen whether Goku even wants to surpass the angels. The Dragon Ball hero wants to be the strongest fighter out there, so he would have to overcome Whis to earn that title. Goku has become less competitive with Beerus since their meeting long ago, but it wouldn't take much for that fire to reignite with some proper motivation.

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