Dragon Ball: Goku Becomes a Super Saiyan Superhero in This Comics Makeover

Goku of the Dragon Ball franchise is often seen as the savior of the world so it's no wonder that [...]

Goku of the Dragon Ball franchise is often seen as the savior of the world so it's no wonder that some fans see him as a full blown super hero, with one fan artist drawing the Super Saiyan as a crime fighter ripped straight from the pages of Marvel and DC Comics! One fan artist has given us an interpretation of the Saiyan warrior as if he were a comic book super hero but has now taken us to the next level by unleashing the legendary form that is trademark to the warrior race in Super Saiyan level 1!

One of the biggest debates that merges the worlds of comic books and anime is who would win in a fight to the death between Dragon Ball's Goku and DC Comics' Superman. While we aren't sure if there will ever be an official crossover, that hasn't stopped fans from creating their own works in trying to decide who would be the winner between the sons of both the Planet Vegeta and the Planet Krypton. With this fan art line, we see what Goku would look like if he were taken out of the world created by Akira Toriyama and found himself defending the world alongside teams such as the Justice League, Doom Patrol, and the Teen Titans with a stylized costume all his own.

Twitter Artist SirBaisa shared this amazing interpretation of Goku transforming himself into Super Saiyan level one, sporting a superhero outfit that makes him fit right in with the denizens of both Marvel, DC, and several other comic book crime fighting universes:

Goku is currently fulfilling his role as the savior of the Earth in Dragon Ball Super by unleashing his newest transformation of Ultra Instinct Sign against the ancient wizard Moro, who has the ability to absorb energy from both opponents and entire planets! While he isn't slapping on a costume to fight crime like his son Gohan with his crime fighting alter ego of the Great Saiyaman, he is certainly saving his fair share of lives in the process!

The series of artwork comes from a Youtube Channel that specializes in creating a storyline for Goku within the DC Comics Universe titled "Dragon Ball DC" that you can check out here!

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