Dragon Ball Unleashes Another Goku Civil War

Dragon Ball is unleashing another Goku vs. Goku Civil War in the Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime. Dragon Ball Heroes has launched its new Ultra God Mission Arc, which will explore the "Super Space-Time Tournament" for the Z Fighters and some of their allies from different universes and alternate realities. As is now tradition with DBH, fans should also look out for some major surprises in the story – such as having Yamcha back in the roster fighting the likes of Cyber Freeza! Just one example of the crazy fan-service fights (and beyond) that Dragon Ball Heroes' new story will deliver! 

In that sense, it should surprise no one that Dragon Ball Heroes Space-Time Tournament would feature a Goku vs. Goku fight. After all, the entire iconography of Dragon Ball Heroes (both the trading card arcade game and its promo anime) is based around the image of Dragon Ball Super's Super Saiyan Blue Goku locked in a battle with Super Saiyan 4 Goku from the Dragon Ball GT era. DBH makes it all possible by not having to adhere to canon, as well as having the Dragon Ball Super characters fans are familiar with come into contact with their alternate universe variants, like Xeno Goku of the Time Patrol team.

 Indeed, it is DBS Goku and Xeno Goku who once again meet on the battlefield during the tournament – but they are quick to squash their beef – at least for the moment. Both Gokus know they will never get a good fight with each other until some of the other fighters have been cleared away – so the two Gokus team up to clear the playing field a bit. By now it's a pretty standard trope for Dragon Ball Heroes to roll out – but one that fans don't seem to be tiring of. 

In fact, this new "Super Space-Time Tournament" event really is just Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power from the Universal Survival Arc. That story saw Goku and the Z-Fighters also get a team of fighters to represent the entire Universe 7 in a battle royale against alternate universes. Dragon Ball Super opted to introduce all sorts of exciting new characters in that arc – some of whom (Jiren, Hit) we already see in this Super Space-Time Tournament. Dragon Ball Heroes offers the added fun of having potential appearance from any other versions of Goku and/or Vegeta out there – perhaps some fun new ones we have yet to meet? 

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