Dragon Ball Debut Ultra God Mission Arc Poster

The previous season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes came to an end with the Space-Time War Arc, which saw the Z Fighters fighting against a resurrected Goku Black, and the spin-off series took a few months off before unleashing its latest storyline, the Ultra God Mission. With the first episode of the new arc having already arrived, a new poster has landed to celebrate the continuation of the series that gathers together countless heroes and villains from Dragon Ball's past, and now has some major players from the Shonen series fighting in a brand new tournament.

The Ultra God Mission has created the "Super Space-Time Tournament" for the Z Fighters and some of their allies from different universes and alternate realities, while also throwing in some major surprises into the mix. One of the surprises was the inclusion of Yamcha into the mix, arguably the weakest of the Z Fighters, who was pit against Cyborg Frieza during this new tournament. On top of this one-sided fight, the tournament has also given us some fights that we most likely would have never seen in the main Dragon Ball Super series, such as Kid Buu fighting Janemba and the OG Broly battling against Jiren. 

Twitter User DBS Hype shared the new poster that brings together Goku, Vegeta, the Goku of the Time Patrol, the Supreme Kai of Space and Time, and the new villains of the Ultra God Mission to get fans hyped for this new tournament that brings together new and old characters for the franchise:

Heroes has continued to be quite the story-telling format for the Dragon Ball franchise, as fans wait on word as to when the main Dragon Ball Super television series will make its comeback. With this April seeing the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the series will still have to translate the arcs known as the Moro Arc and Granolah The Survivor Arc so there is plenty of material for the main anime show to cover.

What fights do you want to see take place from characters in Dragon Ball's past in the Ultra God Mission? Which battle are you most looking forward to seeing more of in this current tournament? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball