Dragon Ball Heroes Releases Trailer for Big Bang Mission's Next Expansion

Super Dragon Ball Heroes will soon be launching a new phase for the Big Bang Mission arc, and it dropped a cool trailer teasing what's to come in the next expansion for the arcade game. Now that the next episode of the promotional anime series has set its release date, the new expansion to coincide with it is ready to launch as well. With each new story expansion for the arcade game, it comes with a brand new animated opening that teases many of the clashes fans will get to experience over the course of the new missions.

This new opening also serves as a fun peek into the kinds of clashes we might see in the promotional anime series' future as well with not only the returns of Bojack, Super Android 17, Super Saiyan Blue Vegito and more being teased in the next phase of battles. This is part of the fun from the non-canon story as they can incorporate many past villains into new story elements that fans might have wanted to see in the main series. You can check it out for yourself below thanks to @DBSChronicles on Twitter:

The next phase of the Big Bang Mission arc will officially kick off on October 1st for the arcade game, but fans will be able to see it play out in a different way through the promotional anime series. Speaking of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series, it will be making its return on September 30th with Episode 7 titled, "Rampaging Terror! The Evil Aura Returns!" The synopsis for the episode describes it as such, "Goku and co. invade the cracks of time where the universe tree grows. There, Gohan and 17, who were already brought there by Fu, fight their fated enemies, Bojack and Super 17. Thanks to Towa, the Time Patrollers disappear, leaving behind Goku and Vegeta to fight Fu."

What do you think of this peek into the next phase of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' Big Bang Mission arc? What have you thought about the Big Bang Mission arc thus far? How does it compare to the first season of episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!