Dragon Ball Reveals Goku Black's "Goku Elimination Plan"

Dragon Ball Heroes is telling the story of the Space-Time War Arc, wherein the mad scientist Fuu [...]

Dragon Ball Heroes is telling the story of the Space-Time War Arc, wherein the mad scientist Fuu has created a brand new universe that has brought back some major characters from the series' past, one of which happens to be the twisted form of the rogue Kaioshin, Goku Black. Appearing as the Masked Saiyan, the latest manga chapter of the spin-off sees Goku and his double facing off against one another, with Zamasu revealing that he has killed a number of Gokus in a horrific new plan that will net him power beyond that of Ultra Instinct.

Recently in Dragon Ball Heroes, Vegeta has discovered a brand new transformation that further links him to the past of the Saiyan race, with the name of the technique being quite the mouthful in "Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Berserker Controlled". Though Goku and Goku Black have yet to square off in the anime, the manga is a different story as the twisted form of Zamasu revealed that he has already killed ninety-nine Gokus throughout different realities, needing one more Goku in order to fully master the use of his stolen body. Believing that this new "Elimination Plan" will grant him power that exceeds Ultra Instinct, it's clear that Goku and Vegeta have more than a few problems on their hands.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the recent pages from Dragon Ball Heroes' manga, seeing the "Masked Saiyan" revealing his plan to eliminate the Goku we know and love in order to finally attain mastery of his body that he swiped from an alternate reality Saiyan during the anime series of Dragon Ball Super:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is also promising to bring back several classic characters from the world of Akira Toriyama's series, including the likes of Cell, and seems to have plenty of surprises in store for fans of the Z Fighters.

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