Dragon Ball Legends Promo Spoils Ultra Instinct Goku's Debut

Dragon Ball has a lot going on right now if you haven't been paying attention. The series just put out a new manga chapter recently, and Dragon Ball Super will bring its new movie to theaters in a couple of weeks. Beyond that, it seems one of its top mobile games is ready to celebrate its fourth anniversary, and a new ad just spoiled its debut of Ultra Instinct Goku.

The situation came to light just recently all thanks to the App Store on iTunes of all places. Over on its gaming section, Dragon Ball Legends is in rotation as one of the store's spotlight apps. It was there that an ad appeared to hype the game's special anniversary, and fans were treated to an image of Ultra Instinct Goku.

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At this point, Dragon Ball Legends has not officially revealed Ultra Instinct Goku as part of its anniversary lineup. However, this is now the second advert fans have seen for the game with this character. Over in Japan, data miners found a low-resolution visual of Dragon Ball Legends with Ultra Instinct Goku shown in profile. And now, this public App Store promo has cemented the spoiler with fans. 

Obviously, Ultra Instinct Goku is still a huge pull for any Dragon Ball fan, so players are eager to see how the character fits into this anniversary celebration. As for manga readers, well – they were just gifted a new kind of 'ultra' transformation courtesy of Vegeta. The Saiyan was able to unlock Ultra Ego a few chapters ago during the manga's current arc, and Ultra Instinct Goku just teamed up with Vegeta to combine those powers for the first time. 

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