What Should the Next 'Dragon Ball' Project Be About?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly was such a huge success that it makes a lot of sense that a new work [...]

Dragon Ball Super: Broly was such a huge success that it makes a lot of sense that a new work would be teased shortly after its release. During the Dragon Ball panel at Jump Festa 2019, series creator Akira Toriyama apparently teased that he was working on the next work.

But what should that next work be about? What could Dragon Ball's next movie or series cover? There are actually a few options to choose from.

Bringing Another Movie Into the Series Canon

Part of the reason Dragon Ball Super: Broly was such a huge hit was not only because Broly is such a popular character in the West (as well as Gogeta), but because series creator Akira Toriyama took a character that was previously non-canon and made it work within the official series.

There are plenty of other movie foes from the Dragon Ball Z era that fans would love to see incorporated under Toriyama's vision such as Bojack, Android 13, and most especially, Cooler. With Freeza and King Cold getting a brand new look in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, fans would love to see Toriyama's take on this non-canon member of the family.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc

The manga version of Dragon Ball Super has begun a brand new arc taking place after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and Toriyama will be overseeing this new arc as it develops. Should the series receive a new film or anime, there will be material in the manga that could settle as a good framework to build a new project out of. Like bringing a movie foe into the series canon, this has an already established story that can be adapted into something new should Toriyama choose.

The Multiverses Are Still Out There

Dragon Ball Super introduced the idea of multiverses into the franchise, and the Tournament of Power gave fans an idea of what it would look like when Goku and the others had to come face-to-face with other powerful fighters. Toriyama could figuratively and literally shoot for the stars by focusing the next project on one of the other universes.

Though some were more enticing than others, fans of the franchise probably would not turn down more adventures with Universe 6's Saiyans or Hit, or Universe 11's Jiren. Not only that, there's the strangeness of the relationship between the Gods of Destruction and the Angels, which fans felt was a thread not fully realized toward the end of the series.

The next Dragon Ball project could cover any one of these subjects, or it could be something no one would have ever guessed. No matter what it turns out to be, whether it be a movie project or full anime series, ComicBook.com (much like the rest of the Dragon Ball fandom) will be right there waiting to see what comes next.