‘Dragon Ball’ Execs On Whether Another 'One Piece' Crossover Could Happen

When it comes to anime, there are two franchises which dwarf their competition. One Piece stands [...]

When it comes to anime, there are two franchises which dwarf their competition. One Piece stands as Japan's most famous export thanks to its tenure, and Dragon Ball has enjoyed similar success. In the past, Eiichiro Oda and Akira Toriyama agreed to crossover their titles, and it seems like Toei Animation isn't adverse to that happening again.

Recently, two executives known for their work on Dragon Ball Super attended a convention in Spain to talk anime. Kimitoshi Chioka and Hiroyuki Sakurada spoke with fans at Salón del Manga, and Kazenshuu's summary of the panel revealed the pair answered an interesting question.

The producer and director were asked directly if Dragon Ball could future crossovers and specials. Fans wanted to know if another One Piece mash-up could happen or even a special like those given to Bardock or Trunks. Chioka and Sakurada did not confirm any such plans were in the works, but the team did say anything is possible.

Of course, anime fans will remember Dragon Ball has teamed up with One Piece before. The two franchises did a three-way crossover with Toriko back in April 2013. The special was split into two episodes and features a rather massive cast of characters. One Piece and Dragon Ball also had a manga crossover in 2006 with the special Cross Epoch collaboration.

There is no telling whether Toei Animation may go for another Dragon Ball crossover with One Piece, but fans are open to the idea. Dragon Ball Super recently had a special focusing on Goku and his new Ultra Instinct form, so the studio could pit UI Goku against Luffy's Gear Fourth. The ensuing battle would become a fan-favorite one right off the bat, and Toei could pocket some sweet crossover cash along the way.

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