Dragon Ball Z Fan Gives Perfect Cell a Horrifying Makeover

Dragon Ball Z has a bit of a formula when it comes to villains. The franchise tends to recycle certain features when it comes to baddies, and fans will be the first to critique the anime for making all its villains look alike. Still, fighters like Buu and Freeza are separated by their form changes, and one fan has set Cell apart with one horrifying makeover.

In the spirit of Halloween, a piece of concept art done by fan-artist Kamoa Creatives is making the rounds online. The fan decided to give Perfect Cell a redesign this year in their style, and the gnarly makeover turns Cell into one of the most terrifying villains in anime.

Just, take a close look at its mouth. You will never be able to see Cell the same way once you do...

You can check out the artist's rendition of Cell above in all its buggy glory. This final form has many elements in common with the one fans saw in Dragon Ball Z. The green-and-purple color scheme is on point as well as its paneled body. After all, Cell always had an odd molting thing going on, but this redesign takes the baddie to the next level.

The villain has gone full bug in this update as you can see by their jagged wings, clawed digits, and horrifying face. Not only is Perfect Cell far more segmented in this piece, but fans can see his innards have been made purple here. That reveal is as horrifying as Cell's veiny wings which look like they came off a giant wasp.

As for the face, well - it is the stuff of nightmares. We can only applaud Kamoa Creatives for inking this look without flinching. Cell is given a buggy mandible that leads into his massive teethed mouth. Complete with red eyes, Cell's redesign is topped with new headgear akin to a Venus Fly Trap as it seems his horns can now eat things. You know, totally casual.


This terrifying makeover turns Cell into something even more monstrous than fans ever imagined. The character was creepy enough in Dragon Ball Z, but this design turns it up twelve notches. Gohan would be straight scared by this villain, and even Goku's stomach would churn at the sight of this disgustingly cool character.

What do you think about this fan-made makeover? Does the horror vibe suit Cell? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.