Dragon Ball Graffiti Turns Former Nazi Stronghold Into Shenron

No one in the Dragon Ball world wants to deal with a Nazi. The franchise has once before proven its distain of the party, and that sentiment was just brought to life with some art. After all, artists did just turn a former Nazi stronghold into the almighty Shenron.

Recently, Anime News Network spotlighted a recent campaign in Normandy which highlighted Dragon Ball. Artists Blesea and Baby.K took to one of Normandy’s historical beaches to transform a forgotten Nazi stronghold used during World War II. And, as you can see below, the artists used Dragon Ball to take down the party’s legacy.

With just some paint, the artists transformed the brick-and-mortal defense into a site for Shenron. The artwork can be found on Jonville Beach near The Goeland 1951. In the past, the the stronghold was really a Nazi casemate used by German troops. The defense housed fortified guns which Germans used on the Allied force when the latter stormed Normandy in June 1944.

Some of the war’s bigger casemates have been turned into museums, but others like this one were left to decay. These artists created a graffiti project to bring life back to the defenses and encourage education. In the past, Blesea and Baby.K painted a former Nazi fort and transformed it into a Star Wars ship.


As mentioned, this is not the first time Dragon Ball shaded Nazis. In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, a villain known as The Dictator entered the franchise. The character was meant to be a caricature of Adolf Hitler, but all of the leader’s Nazi insignia was replaced with red x’s. Hitler was raised from Hell alongside his army, and it fell to Goten and Trunks to send the man back there even thought he tried to recruit the Aryan-looking Super Saiyans.

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