Dragon Ball Super Really Needs to Bring Back One of the Series' Best Moves

Dragon Ball Super really needs to bring back one of the series' best moves: the Ki Sword! While we've seen Spirit Swords pop-up in Dragon Ball Super several times in both the manga and anime, it's been a rare occurrence, and sometimes no more than a peripheral one. However, with the level of energy and power that Dragon Ball Super's fighters have unlocked, it seems pretty wild that none of it is getting honed into some big, kick-ass ki sword action! But thanks to social media, Dragon Ball Super fans are once again remembering that Ki Swords: we want more of them! 

As you can see, the gallery of photos above does include some key (pun) Spirit Sword moments from the Dragon Ball Super series. The best example would be the Future Trunks Saga arc, which brought yet another future timeline version of Vegeta's son Trunks to the Dragon Ball Super Universe. Future Trunks' timeline was destroyed by the villain Goku Black and his alternate variant, the evil Kai Zamasu; in order to meet that threat, Trunks' powers progressed to the point that he was able to infuse his signature sword with ki energy – which he used to take out the villain. 

Of course, Zamasu/Goku Black remains the current fan favorite when it comes to iconic energy swords. Zamasu started with an energy blade called the "God Split Cut"; when Goku Black unlocked his Super Saiyan Rosé form, he upgraded to a larger (and pink) Spirit Sword called the "Violent Fierce God Slicer." If that wasn't enough, SSR Goku Black got angry and boosted his sword into an entire "Sickle of Sorrow" weapon. 

Goku Black is a prime example of why Spirit Swords need to be brought back into the limelight – not just as little side novelties, but as actual expressions of a warrior's power level. It's fine for Dragon Ball Super to have the traditional energy blasts and fisticuffs as its primary form of attacks, but as the series continues to take Goku and Vegeta (and soon Gohan) down diverging paths of power development, it's only natural that the types of ways they each apply those respective powers also grows and changes. 

That's especially true in Vegeta's case. During Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc, Vegeta traveled to the planet Yardrat where he learned the technique of "Spirit Control," the heart of Goku's Instant Transmission technique. With the name Spirit Control (and all the impressive ways Vegeta has applied it), it almost seems like a waste if the Saiyan Prince doesn't make a new form of Spirit Sword one of the primary weapons in his arsenal. 

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