'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Promo Reveals Surprise New Fusion

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is here at long last. While international fans have a bit of time to go [...]

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is here at long last. While international fans have a bit of time to go until the film drops, Japan has got the film screening already, and a new promo from the release has revealed a very particular fusion in the film.

So, you've been warned! There are spoilers below for Dragon Ball Super: Broly!

Over on Twitter, images began floating around after the first public screenings of the Dragon Ball film went live. Fans who were able to catch the feature were given commemorative ticket booklets showing off character designs, and it was there fans saw Veku after quite some time.

Yes, that's right. The famous failed fusion will make his canon debut in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The film previously revealed it would feature Gogeta after the fighter's part was leaked following an early screening. Now, fans know Veku shows up before Gogeta comes around, and the fusion is as hilarious as ever.

As you can see above, Veku is shown in both his plump and skinny form. Fans will remember this fusion is the product of Vegeta and Goku as they attempt to get their Fusion Dance down. The Saiyans mastered their Potara fusion a long time ago, but the art of the Fusion Dance was left to Goten and Trunks. Now the canon is letting Goku and Vegeta in on the trick, but it won't go smoothly from the start. Veku will need to be born first, and fans are excited to see whether the fusion comes around again in the future.

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Dragon Ball Super: Broly officially releases in Japan this December, so fans will get to see more of Super Saiyan Blue Goku in action soon enough. Funimation will be bringing the film to theaters in the United States on January 16th. Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW, VRV, and Crunchyroll.