'Dragon Ball Super: Broly' Director Shares Info About Its New Characters

There are a total of three new characters coming to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and the producers [...]

There are a total of three new characters coming to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, and the producers have teased some info on all of them.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been described as a "grand space opera" by the creative team. It apparently surpasses the scope of all 19 previous movies in the franchise, with an extra-long story written by series creator Akira Toriyama himself. This includes three characters who are brand new to the Dragon Ball universe -- Chelye, lemo and Kikono.

All three newcomers are aliens, according to promotional materials translated by Twitter user Todd Blankenship. All three also wear scouters and familiar armor, suggesting that they might not be friendly faces.

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Chelye is the only female character among the new faces. She carries a serious space gun, and by the looks of her she is a little trigger happy. She is reportedly a part of Freeza's army, though she has never met the intergalactic tyrant in person. According to a V-Jump ad, she joined up with the army after hijacking a Galactic Patrol ship like the one that Jaco drives, and is on the run from law enforcement.

Meanwhile, Lemo looks like he could be cut from the same cloth as Chelye. Sporting similar armor and another big gun, he wears a tight cap and a mishevious grin. V-Jump reports that he is a part of the army's rear guard, and has been ever since Freeza's father, King Cold, led the empire. However, Lemo is not much of a figher, and has only ever seen Freeza from afar.

Finally, Kikono has gotten the most explanation of any newcomer. Since the time of King Cold, he has worked as a scientist for the empire, inventing everything from scouters to armor to the spaceships themselves.

This has caused something of an uproar among die-hard Dragon Ball fans, who recall a previous explanation that Scouters were invented by Tsufruians, and adapted to Freeza's needs by a scientist named Gichamu. In fact, it now appears that Kikono is merely an updated name for the old character of Gichamu, who has adapted technology from across the universe to the biologically diverse population of the Freeza Force.

Incidentally, this does not interfere with the origin story of the Tsufruians, or Tuffles, who are said to have inhabited Planet Vegeta before it was taken over by Saiyans. These highly advanced yet peaceful people invented scouters. The exact canonicity of various Tuffle stories is hard to verify, as they played their largest role in Dragon Ball GT.

Unfortunately, to learn more about Chelye, Lemo and Kikono, fans will simply have to wait a few more months. Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters in Japan on Dec. 14. It is expected to reach the U.S. sometime in January of 2019.