Demon Slayer Shatters Record to Claim Spot as the Highest-Selling Manga of 2020

When it comes to popularity, you cannot deny the success that Demon Slayer has enjoyed. The series is one of the biggest in all of anime right now, and its manga only continues to grow in light of the series. Fans were distraught earlier this year when the manga finally came to a close. And now that the data is out, fans have learned the manga is by and large the highest-selling manga of 2020.

The update went live this week as Oricon posted its sales numbers for the last year. The data, which spans from November 2019 to November 2020, tallies up all the estimated sales of manga titles in Japan. It turns out Demon Slayer destroyed the competition, and fans are admittedly stunned by how large the gap between first and second place is.

Demon Slayer came in first for 2020 with a massive 82,345,447 sales. This huge number is hard to wrap our heads around, so there is no telling how creator Koyoharu Gotouge has reacted to the year-end revelation.

According to Oricon, Kingdom came in second place with a total of 8,251,058 estimated sales. One Piece came next at 7,709,667 before Haikyuu followed up at 7,212,099. Finally, fifth place went to Jujutsu Kaisen as the rising manga sold 6,702,736 estimated copies.

Demon Slayer also took down the competition in another major list for the year. According to reports, the manga had the top-selling manga volume in Japan which happened to be volume 18. Demon Slayer held all of the top 22 spots before One Piece broke in at spot 23. A few other series populated the best-selling list such as SPYxFAMILY and Attack on Titan.


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