Did You Catch 'Dragon Ball Super's Latest Namek Throwback?

Dragon Ball Super is a fan of easter eggs, and audiences are always happy to see the anime nod to [...]

Dragon Ball Super is a fan of easter eggs, and audiences are always happy to see the anime nod to its past. With guys like Goku and Piccolo around, the show is never far from a good throwback, and the anime proved that's still true with its latest episode.

Over the weekend, Dragon Ball Super released a new episode. The installment saw Jiren go up against Goku and Vegeta before Android 17 stepped up to the plate. The group's battle was intense, and fans thought it would only get worse for Jiren when Freeza arrived.

After being taunted by Toppo, Freeza was in a bad place as he prepared to fight Jiren. The villain reappeared out of nowhere to challenge the Pride Trooper in his Golden form, but Jiren wasn't phased by the transformation. And, with just a single phrase, Freeza let audiences know just how fed up he was with the whole situation.

Bruised and battered, Freeza vowed he would be the one to kill Jiren. The show's subs translated the sentence as "You deserve to be killed by me," but its Japanese audio will sound familiar. After all, Freeza said the exact same thing to Goku at the end of their battle on Namek.

According to translators, the show's original audio has Freeza say the same line to Jiren and Goku. You can check out its configuration below:


The line was heard back in Dragon Ball Z after Freeza got wrecked by Goku. Having lost the fight, Freeza could only watch Goku fly away from Namek as he lied dismembered on the ground. Freeza tried to strike the Saiyan with a sneak-attack from behind since he was so enraged, but Goku was prepared. The hero fired off his own blast that overtook Freeza's shot, and it killed the villain.

Freeza saying this line to Jiren shows how annoyed the Pride Trooper has made him. However, Jiren did not kill the villain when he came out to attack. The Universe 11 warrior beat Freeza out of his Golden form, so the villain can come back around for another cheap shot if he wants.

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