'Dragon Ball Super' Staffer Answers Questions About Its Ending

It has been a long and confusing day for fans of Dragon Ball Super. Despite its massive [...]

It has been a long and confusing day for fans of Dragon Ball Super. Despite its massive popularity, it seems the anime will end in March once its 'Universal Survival' arc end. The reports blindsided thousands of fans, leaving them desperate for details about the show's end.

Lucky for them, animator Tsutomu Ono loves social media and giving back to his fans.

Over on Twitter, Ono reached out to fans shortly after news of Dragon Ball Super's closure went live. As one of the show's animation directors, Ono said he saw news about the anime's close had finally gone public.

"The information that the broadcast of Dragon Ball Super TV ends in the spring (March?) has already been publicized," the supervisor wrote. "I just found out yesterday that episode 126 would be my last job as an animation supervisor."

However, the animator did not stop there. As fans poured in their support to Ono, he came back with encouraging replies which didn't bode well for Dragon Ball Super but the fandom as a whole.

According to Ono, he found out about Dragon Ball Super's end just yesterday. "I had heard the story as a rumor many months ago, but it was yesterday I learned it was confirmed," the wrote.

The supervisor went on to say Dragon Ball will "live forever" and that he is very happy to have worked on the franchise.

"Every fan of Dragon Ball is hot. I am pleased to have been involved with it. I think the world of Dragon Ball will be expanded through games, manga, and anime, so let's look forward to them!"

Of course, fans know there is more in store for the Dragon Ball franchise. As of right now, no word has been released signaling the end of Dragon Ball Super's manga. Toei Animation also confirmed a new Dragon Ball film is slated to debut in 2018. There is always a chance the studio will follow-up Dragon Ball Super quickly with a new TV series, but Toei has yet to touch upon such plans. For now, fans can only enjoy the few remaining episodes of the anime which are left. And - as always - fans can hold hope that this so-called ending is really an opportunity for Dragon Ball Super to be picked back up down the line.

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