'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 117 Recap with Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of Goku’s final battle with Kefla. It then picks up with the [...]

The episode begins with a recap of Goku's final battle with Kefla. It then picks up with the Saiyan after Kefla has been eliminated, and the hero is smarting from the intense battle. Having fallen out of Ultra Instinct, Goku is left vulnerable on the field.

Goku is seen breathing heavily and resting at first. Gohan and Piccolo are amazed he beat Kefla and decide to help. However, they are stopped by the Namekians while Vegeta gets upset over Goku's power. The Universe 6 fighters are told by Champa they cannot lose as the fate of their world lies on their shoulders. The teams prepare to battle.

Accross the field, Katopesia stands against Vegeta. The Universe 4 warrior decides to transform into his battle mode and simply changes color from red to yellow. The fighter now has become 300x stronger. While annoyed, Vegeta uses the fighter to practice going Ultra Instinct, so the Saiyan gets beat at first. Beerus tells Vegeta to get serious as Universe 7 gossips about the fighter.

Vegeta continues to get beaten but the Saiyan does stop the fighter. He grows tired of being hit, and Vegeta unleashes a furry of attacks on the policeman. Whis says the attacks suit Vegeta much better.

Zen-Oh coos over the arena as Rozie and Ribrianne get ready. Their God of Destruction feeds them a plan. The Androids are show talking but Android 18 is injured. Android 17 says he can fix it since he's gotten a lot of practice healing others thanks to his family and job as a park ranger. The siblings have a touching moment as they talk about their families. 18 says she wishes Krillin got paid just a bit more, and the two prepare to go into battle.

Universe 2 gathers before Goku to fight. The Saiyan does not have the power to take everyone on and Beerus frets. Five warriors show up to take out Goku, and the lovely duo prepare to launch their attack. Goku braces himself for an attack, but it is blown back by the Androids. Universe 7 rejoices as does Goku.

Android 18 goes after Ribrianne and 17 goes for Rozie. The other three warriors are sent to watch over Goku. Rosie elects to avenge their fallen comrades, and 18 runs away from an array of attacks which Ribrianne sends. Roshi says the two girls will not go down without a fight, and Goku is put face-to-face with his three new opponents. The trio wants to take out Goku to get praise from Ribrianne, and Goku says he is up to fighting them at the very least. Beerus does not agree with that choice.

With 17, the fighter is seen dodging and countering an energy blast from Rozie. Zen-Oh is seen mimicking the pair as Ribrianne continues to send attacks. The fighter is not happy that 18 keeps dodging, but the Android eventually lands an attack.

18 says she is not here to please; She is here to win. She has a family to think about and has a lot at stake. Krillin cheers on 18 and the Universe 2 warrior realizes who 18 is married to; Ribrianne is shocked because 18 could have a cuter husband than Krillin. 18 calls the other trite for being shallow, and the pair prepare to fight yet again.

18 continues to dodge attacks from Ribrianne. Her ankle flares up again but 17 helps. Rozie accidentally sends an attack at Ribrianne, and the Androids nod at one another before fighting again. They make eye contact and set a plan into action. The Androids planned it that Rozie would be hit by Ribrianne's attack, and the girl gets knocked out of the tournament when Ribrianne is knocked away by 18. The fighter is pushed out of her transformation, and Ribrianne says she is responsible for loving her universe more now than ever before.

Ribrianne traps 18 in an attack from underground. 17 tries to break her out but is stopped. The attack Ribrianne uses takes love out of its victim, and Universe 2 gives their love to Ribrianne to help her recharge. The power makes Ribrianne transform into a massive version of her powered-up self. Everyone is surprised by the new form, and 18 is still trapped.

The Android apologizes to Krillin for losing, but she is reminded to keep fighting when her husband tries to jump the stands to save her. 18 powers up and breaks out of the Big Armor attack despite her ankle being injured. 18's own love for Krillin and her daughter gives her renewed energy.

18 and 17 then charge forward to take out Ribrianne. 18 dodges energy blasts to land a direct hit through Ribrianne. The Android knocks a hole through the transformation's head, and Brianne is sent back to the stands as because she has been defeated.

Krillin praises 18 for her win, and Shin tries to as well. However, 18 says she will kill the Kai if he mocks her. Brianne realizes she lost because 18 had a strong love for Krillin, and Universe 2 regroups its plans now that there is only three fighters left. Goku is still seen facing off against them now that there are 15 minutes left in the Tournament of Power.

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