'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 127 Recap With Spoilers

The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode, where Vegeta unleashed a giant build-up of power in order to defeat the newly crowned God of Destruction Toppo. Only Jiren remained standing for Universe 11 against Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and a missing Freeza.

The episode begins proper with Jiren charging to a new level of power. His aura rocks the tournament arena until he's enveloped in a fiery energy he had yet to display before. The Zenos say he's on fire, and note how cool he is while Goku is surprised that he was holding back so much power. His aura subsides as Vegeta asks whether or not Jiren has finally gotten serious now that his friends are gone.

Vegeta says it's dumb to have waited to so long as he's the only one they need to defeat to win and Jiren says Vegeta can't win with his wounds. Then the three all charge at Jiren with 17, Vegeta, and Goku at full power attacking at once. Jiren calls them gnats and swats them away.

Both Vegeta and 17 blast Jiren, but Jiren breaks through. He nearly stomps Vegeta but 17 saves him just in time. Vegeta, angry at 17 saving him, says he's the only one who will beat Jiren. Goku, Vegeta, and 17 continue to sturggle more until Jiren catches one of Vegeta's punches. He's impressed at the punch Vegeta used to defeat Toppo, but quickly knock out Vegeta cold.

Goku jumps in and fires a Kamehameha Wave, but Jiren charges ki into his fist and punches straight through the blast, knocking Goku to the ground in the process. Vegeta and Goku lay in craters in the dirt as Toppo looks on suspiciously. Jiren goes into for the final blow, but 17 surprises him from behind with a point blank ki attack.

The blast is big, and envelops them both. After the smoke clears, 17 lies in a crater and says that getting caught in his own explosion was reckless. But Jiren appears to have a wound on his back from the attack. Saying the damaged look suits him (as Jiren calls him a bastard), Goku says that he was able to gather his weakness. That Jiren takes damages from large attacks that he doesn't guard against, so they all plan to attack and take him by surprise.

Goku and Vegeta plan to distract him with Android 17 surprising him once again as Jiren asks if they were done with their scheming. After the break, Goku and Vegeta continue their coordinated assault as 17 waits for the perfect moment to launch a ki attack. Jiren sees through this and charges at 17, breaking through many of 17's energy barriers along the way.

The three of them all launch massive ki attacks at Jiren, but he just stands there and blocks it with his powerful aura. All of them continue to struggle, until Jiren builds enough energy to cast it out and knock all three of them back despite their impressive effort. Jiren is about to go for the final blow once again, but Freeza drops in and says that he won't let Jiren beat him this much and get away with it.

Cursing the rules, Freeza turns into Golden Freeza and says Jiren deserves to get killed by him. He charges in, but Jiren is able to stop him with telekinesis and punches him away. 17 draws his attention away with a ki blast and says he hasn't given up yet, that Universe 7 will survive.

Belmod asks what 17 would wish with the Super Dragon Balls and 17 says he'd wish to take his family on a cruise. He then asks Jiren what his wish would be, but assumes it'd be nothing beyond having the title of strongest. Jiren says he has a wish. Belmond then begins to tell the reason behind Jiren's obsession with strength. As a child, his parents were killed by an "evil-doer." He was rescued, and the man who rescued him taught him how to fight and eventually it lead to gaining new friends and family. The evil-doer returned, and although Jiren thought they'd win, all of his friends (and teacher) were killed in the onslaught.

After his friends refused to take revenge, Jiren realized that he would not need trust to survive and grow strong, that winning would get him everything he needed. Casting away his emotions, he's become who he is today. 17 then says he understands Jiren's wish, but reprimands him for the way he lives by using others for his personal gain. He asks if things would go back to the way they were if Jiren won, but Jiren says that "strength forgives all, even the past."

Jiren then fires a major ki blast at the lying Goku and Vegeta, but 17 stops it with his barrier. Goku and Vegeta asks what he's doing, but 17 says he gave up the cruiser and that they should thank him. His last thoughts are laughing at the fact that his sacrificing himself is such a human thing to do. Android 17 blows himself up, and Jiren says they should be thankful for the weak to sacrifice themselves for the strong.


He saved Goku and Vegeta by putting up a barrier, and dispelled Jiren's attack by his explosion. Because it was a sefl-destruct, the Grand Priest rules that Jiren has not violated any rules. Vegeta then stares Jiren down as only three minutes remain in the Tournament of Power.

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