Dragon Ball Super Fan-Animation Imagines the Anime's Return

Dragon Ball fans were disappointed during the latest Shonen Jump convention, Jump Festa, when [...]

Dragon Ball fans were disappointed during the latest Shonen Jump convention, Jump Festa, when there were no new announcements regarding the return of Dragon Ball Super's anime, but one fan artist has taken the opportunity to imagine what it will look like when the animated adventures of Goku and his fellow Z Fighters return to the small screen! Though the anime has no news currently with regards to its return, the manga is continuing with a brand new arc in this new year, following the Moro Saga, which will delve into the mysterious new character of Granola!

Dragon Ball Super's first anime entry came to a close when the Tournament of Power ended, seeing the Z Fighters of Universe 7 managing to topple the other combatants from alternate realities, including the powerhouse known as Jiren who had a hand in Goku learning the new technique dubbed "Ultra Instinct". The anime itself continued with a feature-length film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which re-imagined the Legendary Super Saiyan with a brand new origin and a power-up that put him far above the power of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. When the anime series returns, it might just re-hash the events of this movie, as it had done previously with the "Battle of Gods" and "Resurrection F".

Twitter Artist Vertex shared this impressive fan animation that shows off Goku using the power of Ultra Instinct during a sparring match with Whis, the right-hand man to Beerus who has been hinted at being one of the most powerful creatures in the universe:

While we don't know when the anime for Dragon Ball Super will return, there is plenty of material from the manga to cover, especially when it comes to the recently ended Moro Arc. Following the Z Fighters battling against the energy-absorbing sorcerer and his scores of henchmen, the latest saga of Dragon Ball Super came to a close with Goku being given a massive power boost thanks in part to the energy of his friends and an unexpected last-minute assist from the young warrior, Uub.

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