'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Its Final Episode Title

The end is almost upon Dragon Ball Super. The anime has had a good run, but Toei Animation will be [...]

The end is almost upon Dragon Ball Super. The anime has had a good run, but Toei Animation will be bringing it to a close this month. After several years on air, Dragon Ball Super will wrap with episode 131, and fans are still pretty emotional over the whole ordeal.

So, you can understand why the title of the finale has got the fandom crying.

Recently, an anonymous source came forward with the revised title of episode 131. Vetted fan-translators have since shared the name with fans, so you can check out the suspected title below:

"A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku!"

So far, no plot details have been released for the finale, but this title does have fans curious. Originally, the provisional title for episode 131 was "Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again." The name had a close connection with the title of Dragon Ball GT's finale, but this updated name forgoes such a tie-in.

Right now, the anime still has to finish up Goku's fight with Jiren before it can end. Last weekend, Dragon Ball Super returned to begin the fated showdown. Goku powered up into this incomplete Ultra Instinct form, but the state was not strong enough to sway Jiren. The Pride Trooper was able to swat off Goku with a series of energy blasts, but the Saiyan wasn't going to give up so easily.

After taking a direct blast from Jiren, Goku managed to unlock the final level of Ultra Instinct. The perfect transformation turned Goku's hair silver as he fully embraced the unconscious form. Jiren looked surprised by the power-up and had lots of trouble landing hits on Goku after the new form arrived. When Dragon Ball Super returns, it is poised to reveal the climax of the duo's battle, and fans are ready to see how strong Ultra Instinct Goku really is.

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