‘Dragon Ball Super’ Theory Predicts Freeza's Godly Revenge

Dragon Ball’s fandom is no stranger to fan-theories, and even the wildest ones can gain traffic [...]

Dragon Ball's fandom is no stranger to fan-theories, and even the wildest ones can gain traffic online. With the Tournament of Power in full swing, fans have started questioning how Universe 7 will come out of the event, and a new theory is taking a bold guess at how Freeza could end up on top.

It's simple, really. The hellion just has to become a God of Destruction.

Over on Reddit, fans began debating the possibility of Freeza actually leveling up to a god class during the Tournament of Power. The controversial theory goes a little something like this:

Dragon Ball Super is very familiar with foreshadowing. The anime has slipped details into filler arcs which highlight new power-ups, and Whis' conversation about Ultra Instinct during the Resurrection of 'F' saga became really relevant for Goku's new power-up. So, when Dragon Ball Super saw Freeza manhandle Hakai after an attempt was made on his life, it might not have been a one-off moment.

When Sidra sent a ball of Hakai at Golden Freeza, the fighter was able to resist its all-powerful energy. That moment paired with the villain's desire to manipulate and even overtake the Gods of Destruction is telling. Freeza has a plan in mind to become a god, and he will do what he can to make it work.

Thanks to some preemptive episode titles, fans know Toppo is expected to unleash his true godly power soon as he's the candidate to take over Belmod's position. Toppo's advent could be enough to ring out everyone save Goku, Vegeta, and Freeza. With the former working on Jiren, Vegeta and Freeza will be left to battle, but the theory suggests Vegeta's impending "life-risking blow" will backfire on himself. The downfall will leave Freeza open for Toppo, and it is then the villain will cut a deal.

If Toppo can inherit the power of Belmod, fans are theorizing Beerus may be forced to give Freeza his in order to keep Universe 7 around. Goku cannot take on Jiren and a GoD Toppo alone, and even Beerus at this most surly wants to live. With Freeza on a new plane of power, he could fight on par with Toppo while Goku finds a way to deal with Jiren. And, as the Tournament of Power comes to a close, the Saiyan will have to contend with the realization that Freeza is a whole lot stronger now.

As you can see, the theory hinges on a lot of what-if moments, but the idea is an intriguing one. Freeza has made it clear that he wants to usurp the GoDs, but there are so many things standing in his way. While the baddie is used to getting what he wants, godhood may be a touch out of reach, and fans are mostly sure they want it to stay that way.

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