'Dragon Ball Super' Shares A Touching Goku, Gohan Moment

Anime fans love to give Goku grief when it comes to parenting. The Saiyan is not what many would [...]

Anime fans love to give Goku grief when it comes to parenting. The Saiyan is not what many would consider a top-notch dad, and the Internet is filled with memes about Goku's questionable parenting skills. Still, there are those who would be happy to have Goku as a dad, and Dragon Ball Super just made all of them very happy.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku and Vegeta continued their fight with Jiren. The Pride Trooper did not falter in the face of the Saiyan tag-team, and Krillin was vocal with his worries about the match. However, Gohan told Krillin he needed to have faith in the duo.

"Even against Jiren, I'm sure Dad and Vegeta - I'm sure they can win," Gohan rallied.

The rousing moment pumped up the team, and it caught Beerus' attention. The God of Destruction called out to Gohan by his real name and told the kid he also did well. Goku's son did not expect such praise and bowed in thanks to Beerus, but Goku's reaction is what got fans aww-ing.

Despite being in the midst of battle, Goku took his eyes off Jiren to watch the exchange between Gohan and Beerus. The elder had a proud smile on his face, and Vegeta made sure to scold Goku for looking away from their fight.

Of course, this is not the first time Goku has shown affection towards Gohan. In fact, the father-son duo had a moment after Gohan was outed from the Tournament of Power. When the half-Saiyan sacrificed himself to take Dyspo out of the event, Goku was seen telling himself that Gohan did a good job. So, if you want to make a crack at Goku's parenting skills, maybe think again.

If anything, the worst father in Dragon Ball surely has to be Freeza, right?

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